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Still 2D/2.5D games

pretend this is the doom logo

Kill Nazis and uh, Robo-Hitler?

Indirect Wolf3D sequel. If you can call it that

Wolfenstein 3D but aliens

You go to hell and kill demons, then they killed your rabbit, then you go back to hell and kill more demons.

Doom but with different designs for the demons and weapons. And extremely dark

Extremely difficult FPS, not suggested to new-school FPS fans

Pre-Duke Nukem BuildGDX games in 1 .zip file

Duke Nukem saves the world and fucks women!

Includes Ion Fury and Redneck Rampage

3D Games

pretend this is a red quake logo

This was the go-to game if you're hosting a LAN party in like the 90s

Quake but with an actual story